Captivate with the Luxurious Look & Feel of Cast Stone

Experience something completely different. New Cast Stone — the most authentic, durable, lightweight limestone on the market.

Having spent the last decade pioneering lightweight limestone systems, New Cast Stone brings technological advances to a building material that hasn’t changed in 100 years. These advances allow us to create projects based on the desired look, without concerns for weight that normally needs to be addressed when working with traditional cast stone or pre-cast concrete. New Cast Stone’s unique finishes and colour options can capture the true essence of any profile or design and have been featured on exclusive projects throughout North America.

Office buildings, retail buildings and complexes, movie sets, multi-family and extravagant residential homes have all benefited from New Cast Stone. No project is too large or too small. With an innovative foam mold system that allows jobs to be produced at an accelerated pace and the ability to custom colour match just about anything. New Cast Stone combined with Met Exteriors certified installation team can take an idea and see it through to completion.

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New Cast Stone can help you realize your energy efficient goals with a continuous insulation system.  Click here to learn more.


Discover the Benefits of New Cast Stone


As a certified Tuscan Stoneworx cast shop New Cast Stone utilizes Tuscan Cast Stone Mix and casting systems exclusively, and is backed by Tuscan’s protocols, industry-leading testing, and architectural specifications.


Limestone is one of mankind’s oldest building materials. Because New Cast Stone is made using real limestone, our pieces look, feel, and age like natural stone. A handcrafted finishing process for every piece creates a highly authentic appearance normally only found with natural carved limestone.


The strength of Tuscan Cast Stone Mix allows it to be cast a 1/2″ thick with a foam core, depending on the size of the part that can result in pieces that are up to 80% lighter than traditional cast stone or pre-cast concrete. The lighter weight translates into money savings through lighter building design, shipping and handling, and installation.


New Cast Stone architectural elements are built to look great for decades, by combining innovative materials with time-tested manufacturing procedures.


With our advanced materials and strict quality control program, we can confidently create the same profiles, colours, and finishes time and again.


With 28 standard colours to choose from and unlimited custom colour options, as well as four handcrafted finishes, New Cast Stone can create a design for every application.

Ease of Installation

Because our New Cast Stone is so much stronger, lighter, and more versatile than traditional cast stone or pre-cast concrete, it’s much easier to work with and install. Massive weight savings allow our parts to be adhesively adhered instead of mechanically fastened. This allows jobs to be installed faster, with less equipment and reduced penetrations in the substrate.

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