Project #MR1 – Details

Stucco and stone always make a magnificent combination when it come’s to a home’s exterior. When a home builder turns to Met Exteriors to get the job done, it’s even better. This May Road home is a great example of our superior work. The combination of the light beige pigment in the stucco and the sandy colours of the stone blend in perfectly. The detail work where the stone meets the stucco is essential when bringing the two together harmoniously. That’s why so many great home builders turn to Met Exteriors.

This project was completed for the Edmonton Home Ace Lange Homes.

Key Features

  • EIFS
  • Acrylic Stucco
  • Natural Sandstone Colours
  • Light Natural Beige Stucco Pigment
  • Stone Mason Work
  • Decorative Stucco Detailing
  • Premium Home Builder

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