Met Exteriors is A Fantastic Construction Partner


Tried, tested, and true, Met Exteriors is the stucco contractor of choice for many home builders in the Greater Edmonton Area. Builders such as Ace Lange Homes, Prestige Eco Home, Iconic Estate Homes, and many more use Met Exteriors again and again for their large residential construction projects.


Neighborhood Experience

For the last five years, we have worked on several projects in the Windermere area of South Edmonton. Our high level of neighborhood experience is not something that you may have considered yet, but it is important. As residents move into the developing neighborhoods the way they perceive the contractors working on your properties matters. The Met Exteriors team is made up of well mannered professionals who know the area, who work quickly and efficiently to get the job done, who neighbors often get to know and like. When someone asks a representative from Met Exteriors for directions, we help them.

The face of your company is one that we wear proudly. As contractors, it is very important to us that we make the public perception of the entire project a positive one for two reasons. First we need you to look good, and second, we have to work along side residents day in and day out. This means that through cooperating with people we can more effectively complete the work. We are very familiar with the importance of a clean site, the frugal use of parking spaces, the importance of remaining approachable to other residents, and the ultimate importance of making you look favorable as a builder to the residence in these growing communities.

Edmonton Home Builders Who Trust Met Exteriors

  • Ace Lange Homes
  • Copperwood Homes
  • Iconic Estate Homes
  • Milan Custom Homes
  • Prestige Eco Homes
  • Carriage Signature Homes

Our Commitment to Quality

We use the highest quality products available. We have a lot of experience dealing with various suppliers and we know which suppliers we can count on for a quality product.  We also set the environmental conditions necessary for proper installation. This means that we ensure our canvas shelters are used and heated when appropriate. This is especially important in Edmonton’s harsh climate where it is critical that stucco be applied at the correct temperature and dried properly.

Going With The Cheapest is Often a Mistake

We are often not the cheapest solution, but we are the most cost effective. We have a lot more experience, more effective planning, and we don’t cut corners. New home builders are often plagued by contractors who surprise them with unforeseen expenses, who conduct themselves unprofessionally, and sometimes, don’t properly complete a job. With Met Exteriors you are not gambling on a low cost solution. You are getting a partner who has the expertise and experience necessary to provide you with a quote that is fair and complete. When your contractor’s employees are calling you (as the builder) to complain that they haven’t been paid, take that as a sign that it may have been better to go with a more professional company. Avoid the mistakes that go with selecting a contractor based on cost and choose quality. Choose Met Exteriors.

Our Work (For Builders)

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