Elegant Mouldings and Decorative Trims


Truly unique, detailed designs.

While most people choose to spend the biggest chunk of their construction budgets on the larger aspects of the job, it is important to keep in mind that a certain amount of money needs to be allocated for the accessories that will complete the over-all look of your building as well. A certain portion of the budget should always be set aside to accommodate for exterior mouldings and trim. Not only will you be able to increase the aesthetic quality of your asset, but you’ll also decrease the possibility of future wear and tear.

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, mouldings also serve a few functional purposes. Just as baseboards can be used to conceal the gap between your floor and wall, exterior casings serve to disguise the opening between your door and wall. Mouldings can also serve in the transition from different materials – such as paint and wallpaper, or can be used to emphasize contrasts between the same materials. These extra benefits can help you substantially reduce the finishing costs in your property.

The use of lightweight decorative accents such as cornices, arches, columns and keystones are now fabricated by computer-controlled cutting equipment guaranteeing accurate and precise detailed finishes.

Exterior trim is extremely versatile and can be molded or cut into any size. The primary use or trim is to increase the durability of your property’s exterior. It is commonly used on external windows and doors. Due to the fact that these trims do not shrink, they are very often used to hide the joints or cracks of the doors and windows.

The Process

  • An EPC (Expanded Polystyrene Core) is used for the base for superior customized detailing. The foam must be allowed to completely dry to ensure long lasting quality.

  • The EPC is covered with specially engineered fiberglass mesh to give flexibility and stability. This mesh is what allows the corners to stay sharp and true, even on the most complex of designs.

  • A base coat is applied that acts not only as a sealant for the final coat, but prevents expansion and contraction, even in harsh Alberta weather conditions. Two layers of base coat are applied for maximum stability and longevity.

  • The final layer is  our acrylic stucco. We are able to choose from hundreds of colour and texture combinations to match the style of your home. Your mouldings and trim can blend in seamlessly, or stand out to give your exterior dramatic curb appeal.

Met Exteriors offers only the highest quality custom mouldings and trim for your property. From cutting to installation, our team of highly trained craftsmen deliver perfection time and time again. Contact Met Exteriors to get started on your project today.