Stone masonry has existed since man first learned to craft and use tools. Nothing is more stunning that the materials nature gives us. When you finish your home in stone you are making a bold statement that you deserve the best. Your home will have a “back to nature” look that will be envied and copied by your neighbours.

Stone masonry is one of the most widely respected crafts in the home building industry. It is an extremely delicate process, especially when dealing with raw stones. Judgement calls must be made on the structural needs to accommodate the weight. When set up by less experienced craftsmen, the weight of stone can not only pull away from the home over time, but can cause serious damage to the home’s load-bearing structures. This is definitely an area to stay away from to-good-to-be-true estimates. It takes dedication, skill and experience to ensure you are getting your forever exterior out of stone. This is why we do not claim to be the cheapest, only the best long term value.

There are many benefits to having a stone finish on your home.


Homes with stone exteriors carry more curb appeal than any other home. Stone exudes formal, classical elegance. When using rougher, more unfinished pieces of stone the effect can be to make the home appear to be rustic and integrated into its natural surroundings. Stone is often used on a mere portion of the exterior and combined with brick or stucco for bold, creative appearances.


Stone is available in a wide range of styles, colors and textures. This gives designers and builders a great deal of freedom, as well as gives home buyers a chance to select from several architectural styles all within the realm of stone.

Rough – Though infrequent, sometimes the cut material or freshly quarried material is ready for installation once sized. This presents a rough, uneven face. Often paired wit slate or sandstone, rough stone is predominantly used outdoors where it gives a very rustic demeanor.

Polished – Polishing is the most frequently applied finish. It follows the finest honing and employs polishing abrasives that add a brilliant mirror effect to the stone surface.

Honed – This finish produces a smooth surface by using abrasives of ever finer grain on the surface, so there is not a single polishing but progression of polishes. Honed finish is not reflective and brings more of a matte finish which preserves stone’s natural aesthetic characteristics.

Manufactured Stone – Manufactured stone come in prefabricated slabs to provide a quicker and more cost efficient stone exterior. Raw stones are crushed and finely formed and polished into an incredibly dazzling finish.


Stone forms an extremely durable exterior. As a protective surface, stone resists wear from wind, rain, ice and sun. Stone walls provide the finest resistance to insect damage. They are able to withstand fire and heat, saving your home from damages and repair costs. A properly installed stone finish will limit your needs for costly, and time consuming maintenance.

Environmental Benefits

Stone finishes reduce the need to harvest new materials due to their incredible longevity. The fact that they do not need replacing also controls the flow of old, non-recyclable material hitting the landfill. When stone is purchased from local quarries, there are also environmental benefits from more conservative shipping. Alberta has an abundant amount of stone resources that can keep our purchasing local and environmentally friendly.

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