Harsh weather and temperature change common in Alberta, take their toll on the exterior of your property.  Cement and Acrylic based stucco is a premium exterior finish that is very architecturally and aesthetically pleasing.  But like any surface exposed to a harsh and volatile, maintenance treatments are an absolute must to keep looking fresh and functioning properly.

Our system is the perfect solution to tired, cracked, texture eroded, faded and stained stucco that takes away from the structures former glory.  MVP is your one-stop shop for all stucco repair and painting.  Our stucco repair procedure ensures the surface is sound and strong.  Our stucco coating procedure applies a breathable, yet waterproof layer of 100% acrylic elastomeric paint to create a uniform and flawless surface.  Flexible and impact-resistant, this surface coating bonds strongly to form a protective coating that moves with the structure that will not crack or peel.  The results are breath taking when the exterior is restored or updated with a new contemporary colour, not only because of the transformation but because of the cost effectiveness compared with stucco replacement.

Is the exterior of your home ready for a painless, sustainable facelift?  Skip the lengthy, painful renovation process and go with the MVP solution.

Why Stucco Painting?

• Rubber-based coating ideal for stucco, masonry, brick or concrete buildings

• Industrial-strength protection from the elements

• Locks out moisture and visible damage from wind-driven rain

• Allows water vapour to escape, avoiding surface blistering

• Repairs and prevents hairline cracks, which can compromise the structural integrity of a building over time

Stucco Painting vs. Stucco Replacement

• Cost-effective

• Time-saving

• Avoid structural changes to the property

• Full exterior renewal, not spot-repair – the longterm solution

Certified. Qualified. Experienced.

Met Exteriors’s customer satisfaction and attention to detail are second to none. We pride ourselves in maintaining a fully insured and WCB covered business — not only meeting, but exceeding rules and regulations. Our belief is that maintaining the highest standards of quality, precision, and safety, instills professionalism in all craftsmanship.