Ample Value, Extensive Versatility

A worry free, cost effective solution

Never worry about scratches or scuffs with our high quality vinyl siding materials. We install them perfectly and will help you dress your home with seamless siding to protect it and make it beautiful. Selecting the right materials is our specialty and the only thing you will need to worry about is the color.

It is vinyl siding’s versatility that makes it a popular option for home owners and home builders alike. Modern vinyl siding is designed in a way that spotlights the best features of any architectural home style. Homeowners do not have to compromise when it comes to elegance or colour. Vinyl siding is also produced that can mimic the look of other architectural accents such as wood or slate.

Compared to other exterior finishes, vinyl siding is extremely cost-efficient. Now, that’s not to say vinyl siding is cheap. As always, be very wary of extremely low quotes. There are many inferior vinyl product out there, and an incredible amount of inexperienced installers claiming to be professionals. Using improper techniques that are not up to code combined with a poor quality project will at best cost you money in repairs and replacement down the road. At worst, it can make your home incredibly inefficient and very susceptible to fire damage. Quality products installed by Met Exteriors’s quality staff will bring your home fantastic value for your dollar. Siding your home can tremendously increase your home’s value. Just make sure it’s done right.

Unlike older, sidings, vinyl sidings are virtually maintenance free. There is no need for painting, and the hue can withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at it. Simply wash with soap and water and your vinyl siding will look dazzling again. It also never needs to be re-sealed, which can create a lifetime barrier against insects. Since siding can be installed over existing exteriors, it makes a great retrofitting option. Installing insulated siding is a cost effective method of increasing your homes efficiency rating., and saving you money in the long run.

Whether you are re-siding a home with new vinyl siding or if you are constructing a new home, we are your number one contractor for all of your siding needs. At Met Exteriors we only use high quality scratch-proof vinyl products. Contact us today and we can begin enhancing your home’s beauty and efficiency.