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If you are renovating your home or if you have made the decision to go with new stucco then Met Exteriors is a great solution for you. We have a lot of experience working on homes of all sizes.  If you are new to hiring contractors then please read more about the contracting process.  We highly recommend that you seek out reviews and testimonials online when comparing contractors.  We also suggest obtaining a few quotes from unrelated companies so that your expectations are in the right place.  Met Exteriors has a large portfolio of past work and past work does speak for itself. We are not the cheapest stucco contractor in Edmonton, but we are however, priced fairly for high quality craftsmanship and superior service.

Stucco Uses Modern EIFS Technology

Your exterior wall system is a critical component of your energy consumption plan. Stucco is only part of the EIFS wall system. EIFS stands for Exterior Insulated Finishing System which is essentially a wall made up of several layers designed to be safe and well insulated. With an EIFS wall system you will have a structural air envelope that will save you on heating and cooling bills. To learn more about our Stucco services and EIFS please click here.

Unlimited Designs With EPS Foam

EPS Foam is used in all kinds of construction applications. It provides contractors with the ability to design fancy wall systems that when coated with the proper cement mixtures, create the most elegant and versatile mouldings residential construction has seen. Imagine the trims, sills, bands, and cornices you could have on your home. To learn more about moulding, please click here.

Stone & Masonry

Stone adds life to your exterior and brings the majesty of decor to your home’s exterior. We can work with all type of stone, from cultured stone , to raw stone and stone veneers. And stone isn’t just for your exterior. Stonework makes a beautiful accent to your interior. Nothing brings out the beauty of a fireplace like well crafted stonework. When you add stone to your project, the value of your home will increase substantially.  For more information about stonework and masonry, please click here.

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